Community Resources

"Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world."

James 1:27

Our mission is about walking with God and others. This does not mean we have all available resources for every need but it does mean we can connect relationally as we find resources in the city and beyond.

We believe there are three types of needs, immediate, temporary, and eternal. Our eternal affects our immediate and temporary so we share the good news of Jesus as of most importance while we make every effort, if best for those in need, to provide immediate or temporary care.  

We have compiled a list of immediate, temporary and eternal city resources to share here and in person via our Community Resource Cards!  

Resources for temporary or long-term needs

Service Name Address TimesContact 
Food Pantry  Harvest of Hope 606 McGarrah St  Tue. 9-12pm (229) 891-1967

Shelter Friendship Baptist, 407 Cotton AveMon-Sat 8-5pm(229) 924-9254

Shelter (men/women)Salvation Army 304 West 2nd Ave. AlbanyMon-Sun 7pm(229) 435-1428

Mental health Middle Flint Behavioral Health Care Mon-Sat 8-5pm(229) 815-5454
415 N. Jackson Street

Sumter Faith Clinic 127 S Jackson StCall for times available (229) 924-8599
(Free Clinic)

The Staffing People
1526 Elm Ave, Americus, GA 31709

Go to the Staffing People website page, search, and type "Americus" for jobs in the area {}.
Select the "find work" tab on the top screen
Select Search jobs Type in Americus for a list of jobs and pay in the area.

Also, go to the Facebook page "What's Happening in Americus."
Post your need for a job and read the comments for help/direction and possible aid.

The local library provides access to computers for job searching. 
Struggling with addiction & need resources and connection?
New Life ARC   512 Millard Fuller Blvd. 10-6pm M-F.  229-815-1169,  

Are you pregnant & need support?
Pregnancy Resource (Hands of Hope)   137 Thomas Dr. 1-5pm M-Tue.229-928-2802

Dealing with mental illness & need resources?
Middle Flint Health & Wellness (866) 348-6296

Need Counseling?
Americus Biblical Counseling (229) 924-4092

Eternal Need: The True Story in five parts: Our story has a beginning. That story is vital to seeing the world now and in the future.

#1 God is our creator. The God of the Bible is unique, holy, powerful, and wonderful. He is also the One who has given everything life, light, purpose, identity, and power. Outside of His word and will, only darkness, destruction, oppression, and death come. He separates Himself from evil, for He is good.

#2 Creation is what we are. Male & female, the only creation made in His image. Adam & Eve believed a lie and sinned by trusting that there was life outside of God and His word. We now too seek a god to our liking or no god at all. A life that decides what is good and evil apart from God. This is what sin is. Sin starts in the heart and is shown through our actions. God graciously keeps humanity alive but humanity lost access to God. We are all born with a broken identity and a verdict of guilty.

#3 God knows our need and has come. Like a hero in a movie, God, the true hero for us all, has come in the flesh. His name is Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life to make the impossible possible. He has made a way to exchange His perfection for our sinfulness, making peace with God and man again for those who repent and believe.

#4 Our response is to repent, trust, and obey. Repentance is a change of belief that leads to a change in behavior. Believe in what? God the Father sent Jesus, and Jesus' righteous life, unjust trial, death, and three days later physical resurrection is God's confirmation of this gift of forgiveness to us. Returning to #1, the Holy Spirit awakens people to surrender all of life for a new life with Jesus. Not to pursue our way any longer but THE WAY.
#5 Those who follow Christ are a new creation, spirit-filled, awaiting His return! God has given you a new life, and the old is gone. Behold, all things are new. You are not defined by your work {past, present, or future} but by the grace of God in Christ. Now, walk with God and others through the local church, welcoming those far from Him. By the Spirit, wait and work with Him until He returns.

Volunteer Leaders

Jill Schroeder - Hospitality

Jill is engaging with attendees and new guest each week in our Sunday gatherings. She would love to have you join in on the fun and serve people along the way!

John Schroeder - FCA / GSW Soccer

John is meeting with coaches for GSW soccer to build a support for them and connection point for the students!  John also has signed up to speak when needed for huddles. Let John know if you are interested! 

Serve in our church

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.

If you are new to The Well Church take a few weeks just to REST in the LORD.  Yep. We mean it.
Jesus doesn't need us, but He wants us. Find your hope, satisfaction, justification, healing in Christ and then serve with a joyful heart! Resting doesn't meaning sitting doing nothing. Join us on Sundays, come to our MCs, gender-based groups, and teaching/training.

When you are ready!

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

From a season of rest. Make sure you are actively pursuing gospel-centered community. Then fill out our SERVE form located on this page above type in 

How do I volunteer with kids?

Safety, fun, education, and faith in Jesus is what we are all about when it comes to our kids. Having adequate volunteers for specific classes is key! Help us by filling out our form. Be willing to fill out a background check and work with leaders to find the best practices, policies, and procedures for our kids!

How do I volunteer on Sundays?

Sunday mornings for us are just getting started.  We have given ourselves a few months to hear from the LORD as we meet regularly. Pray and talk with one of our pastors or leaders about the needs you see in our church? For example, "Are we missing opportunities to reach or meet new guests," or "What specific group is the LORD bringing through our doors on Sundays and throughout the week we may need more effort and funds?" 

How do I volunteer with students?

We do not have a  formal student ministry/group just yet. Please fill out a form and we would love to discuss current needs and future possibilities.  

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.