Missional Communities (MCS)

35 "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:35

This is a group of disciples living a committed life together. An MC is not a meeting, but a
series of connecting points and experiences throughout the week that foster a family-
like dynamic, as well as a missional lifestyle. 
Those in an MC are going to be spending more time together over the course of a regular week than the average Christian who attends Sunday morning and maybe a small group Bible study. Life in a Missional Community is also a different quality of experience and relationship, because it’s happening in the context of normal life together and is largely experiential rather than formal. Also, because of the smaller size, usually 8-14 adults, there is an intimacy and depth of relationship that cannot be experienced on Sundays.

MCs also provides smaller groups for men/women for accountability and care. Make sure to ask the MC leader about this smaller group! This environment is so crucial in our walk with Christ. Do not miss growing with others and being connected with brothers and sisters for the everyday and heavy seasons we all face. 

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A Missional Community (MC) is founded on and motivated by the gospel of Jesus Christ. An MC is a spiritual family of witnessing servants sent by God to make disciples that make disciples. Come walk with us.